Commercial Photography That Works For You

Your customers expect high quality information instantly, making creativity a must for your business to stand out and be successful. Your business has a unique story, from your staff, products, and services, to your goals and needs. We invest in learning about your business, what your specific needs are, and collaborate with you to help you grow using commercial photography.

From agriculture to architecture, product to food photography, we've got you covered. Whether it's for marketing a product, showcasing your restaurant menu, advertising a service, or selling real estate, this is an opportunity to show the strength of your brand. With creativity, technical precision and brilliance, we're here to help you communicate with your audience to leave them hungry for more. © Jordan Bush 2014

See how Earl R. Martin, Inc., utilizes Jordan Bush Photography for their commercial website & marketing.

Commercial Project Planning

For every solution, single day, multi-day, and hourly rates are available with flexible image licensing options. Commitment free consultations are standard to ensure we're on the same page for your entire project.

Fitting Your Needs

With real world advertising and marketing experience, we know what layout designers, printers, and presenters might need, and work with you to meet those requirements. With ultra fast turnaround, deadlines become more manageable for your team.

Grow to Drive Results

Quality commercial photography can communicate your message and redefine your brand at a higher level than ever before. When beautiful images tell your story, on a website, print marketing materials, annual report, your growth will drive results.

A Better Messages via Cinematography and Photography

We partner closely with Deep Focus Pictures to provide a dedicated cinematography team. Our collaboration create seamless, dynamic storytelling for your brand at levels greater through our synergy.


Vision + Planning = Picture Perfect Results

Picture perfect doesn't simply happen at the push of a button. When staff, equipment, and timing all need to be working on our side, even the simplest projects can be full of surprises. Location scouting and thoughtful planning ensure we’re on the same page as we solve logistical challenges in advance. This saves you time while delivering the best results for your brand. Let our vision create new possibilities for your commercial photography needs.


For inquiries on how we can help you strengthen the story of your brand, please leave your message after the tone. (Beep).